IrishCollegiateEsports Case Study

2018 marked the start of my esports commentary career after a successful application to cast the IrishCollegiateEsports CS:GO Winter Challenge. Since then, I've had the opportunity to continue commentating for ICE and have taken on a position as their lead graphic designer for all things college esports related.
Not long into working for ICE, it became apparent that they needed someone to do some graphic work for various aspects of ICE including stream graphics, animated video loops, promotional material and more.

I took this as an opportunity to improve upon two skillsets at once and have since created two complete brand identities for the organization.
Just above you can see the offical IrishCollegiateEsports logo, created by @HayleyMcConaghy. This served as the basis for all ICE graphics to be created and has some key features including colour-scheme and brand identity.

I used this logo often throughout various ICE graphics and thus anything I created needed to complement and flow well with the official logo.
Thus began my project of creating an entire library of assets from stream overlays, to infographics, to social media announcements and banners all in the vein of ICE.

Since then, I've created a plethora of work featured across a variety of platforms, including the League of Legends EU Client and the TwitchTV front page.
My initial outset focused on beginning with the ICE logo, and incorporating that style into a collection of visually-similar assets that could be used both on-stream and adapted for social media and announcements.

Here is an example for the CS:GO Collegiate Championship that was created as the first asset for use on stream.
Broken down, it consists of a concrete-textured background, darkened and adjusted to serve as a backdrop for a multitude of subjects to be overlaid.
Next, I used some in-game model renders to overlay onto the background. I then used a similar method of adjusting the brightness, saturation and colour of the render to have them sit more naturally on top of the texture.

These backgrounds were then used in a variety of settings, such as: the on-stream preshow, breaks, social media results and announcements.
Here is a collection of some of the assets created to span across multiple ICE titles, from the LoL Division 1 and 2 Winter Bash to the Collegiate Championship.
This is an example of how various information could be overlaid onto these assets when an announcement, etc. was necessitated.

The image featured here was to announce the final few days of the signups for the ICE Overwatch tournament.
Further to that, specialty graphics needed to be made when necessitated, such as the In-Game League of Legends overlay and the pre-game pick/ban overlay.

Similarly, these follow the same general style of the previously made assets as well as fit stylistically with the ICE logo.
Both the In-Game overlay as well as the pick/ban overlay both maintained a consistent ICE style, with textured brushed metal sections and the same stone border effect from the logo.

Below is a concept image of the In-Game overlay in use, with the relevant competing teams' tagline and score.
Spring 2019 marked the announcement of the partnership with RAID Studios to host the broadcast for the League of Legends and CS:GO Championship Grand Finals live from the RAID studio in Dublin.

A few weeks before the scheduled finals, the call was made to create a fresh but familiar look-and-feel for ICE and the studio broadcast.

The intent for these new assets would be to replace the current assets in use for broadcasts and announcements going forward with any potential summer ICE tournaments.
With this in mind, I set out to create a new look for ICE in all regards.

With a hard deadline in mind, I needed to move fast. I was also informed by the resident producer at RAID that they use different stream production software which would require all potentially required assets to be baked into standalone assets before the broadcast.
I had two options: create all individual assets for every single possible team + scoring combination or, create some dynamic webpages to show/hide information at will with absolute positioning.

Due to the short notice and hard deadline, I opted (not for the sake of my sanity) to go with option 1 and created each possibility as it's own separate asset for the stream. Almost 300 individual files in total.
This lead me to what you can see now.

A low-poly, animated background in the classic ICE green. This would serve as the canvas upon which I'd build all the assets for the RAID broadcast. I created this animated 3D polygon effect using Trapcode Mir and After Effects, ensuring the animation looped seamlessly.
Here you can see a selection of what the assets looked like in a live environment as they would have appeared on the RAID broadcast of the grand finals.

Various other graphics were also required both before and after the broadcast.

This included a schedule to announce the start times of all three grand finals across two days, post-tournament congratulation posts and an infographic for MVP polls.
Graphics aside, working with RAID throughout was a great experience and having the chance to appear on camera in a professional studio to commentate some CS:GO was a fantastic experience (you can even see my happy lil' face at the bottom of this page)