Scrivzy Branding Case Study

I met Brian 'Scrivzy' Scriven by chance through a mutual research project. Since then, we've collaborated on multiple Overwatch related discussions, commentated together and built an industry-leading immersive experience.
Currently Head Coach for Team Infinity and a multiple-account Top 500 Overwatch player in Europe, Scrivzy frequently breaks down the highest level of Overwatch games on stream, while theorycrafting and giving invaluable insight into the mind of an Overwatch pro.

After noticing the interesting graphics Scrivzy was using on stream, I created an aggressive, slick and recognizable brand to give his already professional content a more professional look-and-feel.
I had a brief discussion with Scrivzy in relation to colour palettes and wording, then I set out to create a brand identity for him.

As seen above, I began with a basic green and grey colour palette, inspired by the Overwatch Contenders branding. As usual with this particular identity, I wanted to make a bold and eye-catching design that would be instantly recognizable even at very small image sizes.
This lead me to an aggressive, brushed graffiti style text with green and purple highlights.

The grey was ditched for purple in attempt to make the branding "pop" more and be brighter overall, contrasting nicely with the lime green.
This package of graphics included your standard set of assets including 1:1 profile picture, social media banners, Twitch holding screens and information panels.

I also took the "Be Right Back" holding screen (the most frequently used scene by Scrivzy) and brought it into After Effects to add some subtle looping animation, the end result of which can be seen here.
Working with Scrizy as always was great and he now has professional graphics to go along with his quality content.

You can find him over at his Twitch channel: