UCC Netsoc Case Study

My time in University College Cork as a Computer Science student was tightly interwoven with UCC Netsoc, UCC’s Networking, Gaming and Technology society.
Throughout my time both as an attendee and later as a committee member, I met and worked with some incredible individuals from gaming to tech, design and more.

The current Netsoc logo was designed and created by two past chairpersons, Evan Smith and Colm Cathalane, who heavily inspired a lot of my work for Netsoc in later years.

After being elected as an honorary life member for my contributions to the society in 2016/17/18, I took this as an opportunity to take a backseat from the committee and work on some pieces that would have been on the back burner otherwise.
Above you can see the current official UCC Netsoc logo, cleverly featuring each of the society’s three pillars: technology, gaming and networking.

With this logo as a base, I decided to work on a refresh for Netsoc’s image, while still trying to maintain the current theme, colour scheme and image.

The initial challenge with this refresh was how the current official logo is composed of many standalone parts. Without each part, the logo devolves to a generic piece that doesn’t represent Netsoc, which meant I had a tall order to keep each element while not simply re-creating the same thing.
After a couple of design iterations, an updated logo was born, featuring a console controller silhouette composed of binary digits, with the tagline NETSOC in it’s original font. The font, Niteweit PRO, is the original logo font and to be used in all official Netsoc logo appearances. Keeping this font kept some relativity between the original and new logo.
Netsoc engages in many different activities and advertises their events and services across a huge number of platforms, from websites to social media.

This necessitates a logo that is visually striking, unmistakable and easily scaled up or down to suit a variety of platforms.

This concept was always in mind during design and creation to produce something bold that could also only be interpreted as one thing and one thing only – UCC Netsoc.

Here is a selection of the various formats created, from square logos, to social media banners and even mobile wallpapers requested by committee members and devoted Netsoc attendees.
A university society involved in gaming wouldn’t be complete without a neon, futuristic logo complete with the Netsoc tagline composed in Korean hangeul as “넷솤”.

This design took a more original approach to the existing logo, heavily inspired by Cyberpunk visuals and the colourful neon gaming cafés common in South Korea and Japan.
An idea toyed with but not yet implemented has been Netsoc merchandise.

This idea was pitched to committee both by existed committee members and also requested frequently enough by attendees to warrant some thought.

After some light deliberation, I created some basic design mockups to showcase the potential for Netsoc merchandise.

Featured is two t-shirt designs, one focusing on gaming while the other is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the technology side of Netsoc. The gaming design features some of the most famous and iconic quotes from video games on the back, with a minimalist gaming logo on the front.
For the tech design, the tagline “We break things at an alarmingly fast rate” is a reference to the 2017 Welcome to Netsoc event hosted by Colm Cathalane as chairperson and is a semi-serious statement as to some of the hardware and software issues our Sysadmins encounter and solve as part of their role in the society.
More recently, Netsoc’s gaming side has wanted to get more involved in the world of Esports, with an intent to have a division of Netsoc represent University College Cork across the country through the various Esports tournaments taking place.
As such, what is an Esports team without their own logo?

After being contacted by the current Equipment Officer, Cian McGrath, we devised a rough outline for a mascot that students in UCC and Netsoc could rally behind and support as their fellow students competed at a high level of competitive gaming.

The result was the Netsoc Rebels logo, which will debut as a group of 6 Netsoc attendees represent the university in the first IrishCollegiateEsports Overwatch tournament in 2019.
The teamname “Rebels” came about as I tried to draw a link between Netosc, UCC and County Cork. Cork being the rebel county of Ireland, it seemed like a no-brainer to utilize “Rebels” and thus add a sharp red flair to the logo.

As the Netsoc Rebels team has just forged themselves as they begin to compete, the idea for the 2019/20 academic year is to scale up the Esports operation within Netsoc with the aim of having multiple teams competing in intervarsity tournaments across the country.
With this in mind, the idea to create a UCC Netsoc Esports jersey came to mind and was briefly worked on by myself as a demo for the current committee as to what they could brand their players with as they travelled across the country not only representing Netsoc but also UCC.